SMAC is a professional 4 piece cover band available for clubs, pubs, weddings, corporate & all functions.
Originally formed back in 2001 by members Mark (Franko) D’Arma, Paul (Chad) Chaszcziwsky, Anthony (Stix) Sebaly and Stuart Wright who had all been working in professional bands for, well, a VERY long time!
In 2008, David Shelley took over Chad’s position as lead guitarist, & then retired in 2016 after 8 years in the band. Matthew Angrove took over from Dave, thus the current line up of the band.
• Stu (lead vocals, guitar) Also keyboard/sequencing/sample programming.
• Matthew (lead guitar & Vocals)
• Franko (Mark) (Bass & Vocals)
• Stix (Drums)
The musicianship within the group is of the highest standards, & has its ‘solid rock style’ feel.
SMAC is a fun, energetic group that strives to put that exciting buzz in the atmosphere.
We cover music from the ’80s/retro (which is proved to be currently the most sort after material) through to today’s easy listening dance music.
SMAC brings along a visually impressive stage show, as well as a PA system to produce a full, clear, quality sound.